Our Story


Women spend roughly 8 years of their lifetime bleeding. That's a long time to "just deal with it". We are here to help you feel good on your period, 100% naturally.


Our story starts with our founder's mom, Dr. Yang.

"Almost 20 years ago, my mom and I immigrated to the United States. Dr. Yang was the head of the department of Radiology in one of the top hospitals in China. But, as a foreigner, she couldn't practice in the US without going through exams and residency all over again -- meaning, she gave up her career and dreams so that I could have a better education.

So instead, my mom devoted her time to the wellness of our family. Although originally a practitioner in Western practice, she also believed in the tried and true traditional Chinese methods. Growing up, I always had horrible period cramps, but she always came to the rescue with her delicious tea. Now, many years later, I founded Dr. Yang Wellness in hopes of sharing something wonderful with the world and to honor the hundreds of hours she spent by the stove brewing her special remedies for me."

--Helen (Founder/CEO)


Although we would love to say Dr. Yang's recipe was top secret, Crampless Tea is actually rooted in traditional Chinese practice and is considered a household recipe for to soothe period discomforts in China and greater Eastern Asia. There are many variations to the recipe, but Dr. Yang's golden ratio of four simple ingredients: zesty ginger, unrefined black sugar, nutritious goji berries and wholesome jujubes is what we swear by.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, remedies typically take hours to brew, which is simply not realistic for most modern women on the go. After months of tweaking, brewing, and drinking, we’ve finally succeeded in producing quality dried ingredients that could be packaged into easily accessible tea bags. There are 10 packets in each box, perfectly portioned for each month. All you have to do is pour it into a cup, top it off with hot water, stir and enjoy. 

We know you'll love sipping on this hot cup of liquid self-care just as much as we do, and we hope that through our tea, you can also experience the warmth of a mother’s touch.