Top 7 Wellness Bloggers to Follow to Kick Off the Summer

Top wellness bloggers to follow during the summer

Glistening sweat beads, Pina Coladas, and the end of Game of Thrones. You know what this means — SUMMER is coming. If you don't want the sun to take all the spotlight this time around, follow these top 7 bloggers (in no particular order) for the best wellness tips to take care of your body, mind, and soul in the hot, hot days ahead.

Prayer yoga pose by Jessamyn @mynameisjessamyn best wellness blogger to follow every body is a bikini body body positivity positive image

Jessamyn @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is a bold, empowering, confident yogi who knows how to turn up the heat. Now that endless legs and flat tummies are what’s on everyone’s wish list, Jessamyn reminds us that no matter the shape, size or form, every body is a bikini body. So in case you need a power boost before stepping out on the beach rocking your g-string, check her out.

Jordan Younger @thebalancedblonde top wellness blogger to follow

Jordan @thebalancedblonde

In case you forgot that summer is all about having a glowing time, Jordan is here with her sunny disposition to remind you what taking care of yourself is all about. With her bright smile, it's hard to feel anything but downright ecstatic. And not to mention she has amazing, healthy recipes for cupcakes, muffins, and cookies galore.

Ovee health gives great information on everything women's health, including period cramps relief, yeast infections, and all your questions that you're afraid to ask


Vagina yeast, late periods, painful sex - oh my! Where can you go to learn about dealing with all of this in a safe environment with knowledgeable gurus? Take your questions to the Ovee crew, because you want to make sure that lovely V of yours is well taken care of before the heat comes ;) Ovee offers super informative posts about sensitive topics, and they also have a chat feature on their website where you can message them to ask directly and privately (!) about your deepest, most gnawing concerns.

Nourish Whole Body event in Sacramento California June 2019 is a wellness event to help women take care of their bodies naturally. Dr. Yang Wellness Crampless Tea will be there as a vendor to help you relieve period pain naturally without medicine and prevent cramps before they start


What do you get when you combine the Cali sun with wellness fun? A whole day of yoga and yummy foods enjoyed with like-minded peers, of course. If you happen to be in northern California at the end of June, we highly recommend you check out the Nourish Whole Body event. The aforementioned Jordan @thebalancedblonde will be there as a speaker, and we’ll be passing out delicious Crampless Tea packs with discount codes for all.

Jeannette @shutthekaleup is a great Instagram wellness blogger to follow

Jeannette @shutthekaleup

If you don't understand how it's humanly possible to juggle taking care of kids, eating healthy, working on your marriage, and being pregnant all at the same time while having to put on double deodorant in this heat, Jeannette is here for you. She shares unbelievably real moments with her audience, not just the sunny side up -- definitely worth a follow for all the moms out there.

Cassey @blogilates is an amazing fitness instructor who focuses on pilates & pop music. She will work you hard this summer and is a great wellness blogger to follow!

Cassey @blogilates

Okay, many of you are probably already familiar with Cassey and her peppy Pop Pilates videos, but we just had to fit her on our list here because we’ve been personally following her on Youtube since the very beginning. She is a firm believer of working out to change the way you feel, not just to change the way you look. Much of our physical appearance is encoded in our genes, but feeling like a boss is something we all can work towards. So as summer approaches, we urge you to check her out for both that bubble butt and bubbly personality.

Robyn @thereallife_rd keeps it real on her Instagram with wellness foods that people actually eat.

Robyn @thereallife_rd

If you are like us and don’t subsist solely on picture perfect kale salads and smoothie bowls, Robyn is your girl. Along with all the right foods to keep your body happy, she also sprinkles in pizzas, chocolate candies, and cheese plates -- all the right things to keep your soul happy. And if you have issues with eating, your period, or your hormones, she is a wonderful resource to turn to.


That's a wrap for the top 7 wellness bloggers to help you make it through the summer! For the next 3 months, please frolic, play, and enjoy yourself like you mean it. And if you want to skip your period cramps while you're at it, don’t forget to sip your Crampless Tea!



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