Best Yoga Poses for Relieving Period Cramps Naturally (w/ lots of sass)

Best yoga poses to stop period pain instantly

Unless you’re one of "the chosen few" (3 day periods, no pain whatsoever), you’ve probably at some point in your life experienced the absolute hell of period cramps. And more likely than not, you don’t particularly enjoy the feeling and would LOVE to find a way to relieve the pain without, or on top of, a truckload of painkillers. If you are not the proud owner of Crampless Tea, that is.

So for all of you ladies out there who love a good yoga class or two, we’ve compiled the best yoga poses for you to relieve menstrual cramps naturally!

1. Child’s Pose

Like the name implies, this pose will make you forget all your failures at adulting, including the murder scene in your pants. The Child’s Pose is a go-to resting pose in most active yoga classes and is a fantastic position for those who also experience period-related pain in their backs.

Child's pose to stop period cramps

2. Bound Angle Pose

Not excited about the diarrhea and constipation during your period? We totally get it. The Bound Angle Pose is great for soothing the digestive system, and gives you a chance to stretch out your legs too if you have radiating pains in your thighs.

Bound angle pose to relieve period pain

3. Reclining Twist

We love this pose for period cramps since it puts a huge focus on the midriff and gives those sexy hips a nice, long stretch. The twist helps relieve a lot of the tension going on in your uterus and is such a refreshing position to be in especially after a long day at the desk.

Reclining twist - great home remedies for menstrual cramps

4. Inverted Leg Pose

Annoyed that all you can think of is the wet gooey stuff dripping down your V? Find a wall to prop up your legs and enjoy the brief yet much needed rest from feeling, eh well, gross. Don’t stay here too long, though, you still want all the natural goodness to trickle down :)

Inverted leg pose for how to relieving period cramps fast without medicine

5. Knees to Chest Pose

One of our favorite poses for relieving menstrual pain — nothing better than just cuddling your self when everything hurts, am I right? This pose relaxes the lower back and abdominal muscles while increasing circulation.

Knee to chest yoga pose for reducing stomach pain during periods instantly

6. Savasana

Ok, but honestly though, sometimes when you’re in pain the last thing you want to do is move. All the menstruators out there with extreme period pain — you know what I mean. So give yourself the time that you need to recover, and meanwhile, just freakin’ lie there. You have our permission. Focus on your breath, soften your body (including your tensed up uterine muscles) and hopefully you’ll fall asleep and wake up pain-free in no time.

Savasana in yoga helps relieve menstrual cramps during your period naturally without medicine

And that wraps up our yoga poses for period cramp relief! If you want to avoid cramps altogether though, try out a monthly pack of Crampless Tea at :)

For most women, drinking 1 pack a day the week leading up to their period has helped completely eliminate menstrual pain. Which means, more time to PARTAYYY.

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