Delicious tea to soothe your period cramps 100% naturally. Because you’re made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

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Crampless Tea One-Month Pack (10 Tea Bags)

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Enjoy before your period to shorten duration of cramps or eliminate them altogether.


Drink during your period at first sign of cramps to relieve any remaining pain.


Establish a self-care ritual. Sip over 6-12 months to decrease intensity of cramps.

Let's Crampless, Together


"This tea has been a LIFESAVER. I drink it at the first sign of cramps, and seriously instantly feel better! Plus, it tastes SO good."


"A natural way to ease the pain! Crampless Tea has a mild and soothing taste. The ginger flavor isn't overbearing which I love!"

"It tastes bright, dreamy and DELICIOUS. I also recommend drinking it anytime you need to feel a little self-love slice of heaven break!!"


"I've been drinking this tea for cramps ever since my first period and it's the only thing that works for me! Now there's an easy way to enjoy it in my busy schedule!"

What's in your cup of tea?

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Your best period yet.

Period cramps and painkillers should not be the norm. We are here so you can enjoy a crampless, feel-good, excited-for-next-month, all-around best period, 100% naturally.